Virtual, by Email Only ~ Lenten Class, Led by Ron Silver

March 22, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 9:50 am
FFC Fireplace Room

It appears we will not be able to meet in person todiscuss the book Lent in Plain Sight for at least the next few Sundays.  Instead, I’d like to start an emaildiscussion chain starting each Thursday ( and continuing to Sunday) on theweek’s assigned devotionals. 

 For example, this week (#4) focused on coins. So startingMarch 19 to March 22  please email me adescription of ( or comment on) anything from this week’s readings that youfound interesting, and why. Please Reply All on your emails so we can all readthem! Also feel free to comment on what someone else has said if you feel soinclined. Extra points if you can address one of the topics for discussionlisted at the end of each devotional! Then send your comments on week 5starting March 25, etc. and the process repeats. 

 If you would like to contribute to the email chain butneed a book to read, please let the church office know and either they or I canarrange to get you a copy. 

 Stay home/ Stay healthy,


Based on the book “Lent in Plain Sight – A Devotion through Ten Objects”
By Jill J. Duffield

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