Senior Pastor Search

FOR INTERESTED APPLICANTS: Please send your questions and application to the following email -

Congregational Update - 10/05/2022

After months of surveys and small group discussions to better understand the needs of First Federated Church, the Senior Pastor Search Committee has completed the United Church of Christ (UCC) and Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) profiles. These two profiles, which describe our church and what we are looking for in a senior minister, were approved by the FFC Executive Board and the UCC and PCUSA representatives. The profiles are now posted publicly so that prospective UCC and PCUSA pastors can review them. Additionally, these profiles are posted via the links below for our church members to review and also for pastors outside of the UCC and PCUSA denominations to see and contact the Search Committee via email. We are currently interviewing Pastors via Zoom and checking their references. The Search Committee trusts that God will provide our next pastor soon.