Meet Our Staff


Our Senior Pastor position is currently empty.

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Rev. Steve Barch

Minister of Pastoral Care
(309) 685-5258  ext.103


Russel Boulton

Director of Worship and Music
(309) 685-5258  ext.104


Jessica Sheley

Director of Children's Ministries
(309) 685-5258  ext.105


Lisa Hackett

Director of Youth Ministries
(309) 685-5258  ext.105

Marcia Richardson



Brittany Arnold

Director of Preschools
(309) 685-5258  ext.108


Gail Weghorst

Administrative Manager
(309) 685-5258  ext.106

Fred Weghorst

(309) 685-5258 ext. 109

Sabrina McGrath

Financial Secretary
(309) 685-5258  ext.107


Cecelia Walter

Admin ~ People / Communication / Security / Finance
(309) 685-5258  ext.100

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Senior Pastor