Deep Water: Swimming When You Can’t Touch Bottom

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Sunday, February 10th, 2019

We have to be willing to risk going out into waters so deep that we are over our heads. We have to be willing to “take a flier” and risk failure. Isn’t this willingness to act on behalf of God at the very heart of Jesus’ parable about the three stewards who were entrusted with the Master’s money. It was the one who played it safe by burying the money that missed the Master’s pleasure. May each one of us swim in deep waters. And in our splashing glorify God


Sermon Notes

Bible Passage:  Luke 5:1-11

Special Music

Anthem:     Anthem of Faithfulness      arr. Benjamin Harlan     Performed by the FFC Chancel Choir


Offertory:     All Creatures of Our God and King     Arr. Howard Helvey     Performed by Joel Harper


Worship Bulletin, 10 am

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