Grace Along the Appalachian Trail

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 ~ 4th Sunday of Easter

If you walk the Appalachian Trail where hikers cross from Pennsylvania into New Jersey, you will see The Presbyterian Church of the Mountain, a small country church seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  Through this ministry to the hikers of the Appalachian Trail, a once dying church experienced a resurrection. In 1976 they had 15 worshipers. Facing death they experienced Resurrection. They could have done one of two things; they could have circled the wagons and looked inward, or throw caution to the wind and take “a flyer”. The chose the latter course. They chose, in the words of Jesus, too willing lay their lives down for God’s sheep that lay outside of their fold. They knew that God has planted them there and sustained them through the years to be a blessing and an outpost of the world and their community. They asked themselves how they could live out their “call”, their baptism. How could they show God’s love to the world?

Audio files are unavailable for this service.


Sermon Notes

Bible Passage:   John 10:11-18


Special Music

The Lord Is My Shepherd     By: Allen Pote     Performed by The FFC Chancel Choir

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