Prayer and Blue Sky

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost ~ Sunday, July 28th, 2019

In times of spiritual drought, we must remember that God is not absent or aloof or even unconcerned. God’s eye is on the sparrow, as the old hymn reminds us. God cares for you and me. But like the clouds overhead that block out the blue sky above, so the trials, tribulations, joys, sorrows, and concerns of life block the blue skies of God’s Presence in our lives. Prayer is not about changing God. It is about changing us by opening our hearts, minds, and bodies to be receptive to God’s already and always present in our lives.


Sermon Notes

Bible Passage:  Luke 11:1-13

Special Music

The Lord’s Prayer     Performed by Russel Boulton


Ring Joyfully      Performed by the FFC Chancel Bells


Worship Bulletin, 10 am

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