The Benedictus: The Song Born of Silence

First Sunday of Advent ~ Sunday, December 1st, 2019

In first-century Israel, many people believed that God had been silent for a very long time. But that simply wasn’t the case. The people had become complacent. God spoke through the prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah, Amos and Micah, and the other Old Testament prophets. But Israel grew deaf and ignored their words. At times they even killed the prophets who challenged them to live up to their calling. They chased not only foreign gods but became addicted through distraction. They cast out those who judged them. So God seemed silent but God wasn’t really silent. God just couldn’t be heard above the din of their own noise. The people had forgotten how to listen.


The Benedictus: The Song Born of Silence


December 1st, 2019 Frosty’s Sermon Notes ~ The Benedictus, The Song Born of Silence

Bible Passage:  Luke 1:68-79


Special Music:

2019 Mission Moment ~ Carl Cannon’s Elite Youth Group


Anthem     Angel’s Carol      By John Rutter      Performed by the FFC Chancel Choir


Special Music      In The Bleak Midwinter      arr. Geschke      Performed by the FFC Chancel Bells


Offertory     Let There Be Peace On Earth      Performed by Joel Harper


December 1st, 2019 ~ 10 am Worship Bulletin

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