Exodus 32: Now What?

Second Sunday in Lent, Sunday, March 8th, 2020

God is writing this incredible story of redemption and rescue, of mercy and grace.  But because God is holy and just, that story has to be on His terms.  What God requires and lays out for us has to matter more than everything else.


       (A link to the YouTube video of this week’s service)


Sermon Notes, Rev. Jennifer Sakata, guest minister

Bible Passage:  Exodus 32

Special Music

Moment for Reflection     Sonatina in G     By Janina Garcia     Performed by 5-year-old Amelia Ly


Offertory     March     By  J.S. Bach      and  Waltz in A Minor     By Frederic Chopin     Performed by 5-year-old Amelia Ly


Worship Bulletin, 10 am

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